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Hi all you computer people! Hope this finds you all logged on and ready to go. Whoops, what's that you say? Something's not right? Maybe a worm, virus or cookies are misplaced? Time to call Sioux Falls Computer Guy! Jason knows his stuff...

-- Alice
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Computer Service Pricing

Below you will find the pricing information for some of our core services.  If you would like to get a custom price quote for something that is not listed below – or if you would just rather chat with us regarding prices – give us a call at 605-212-8032.

The table below shows our prices as well as the prices that a certain squad of Geeks have been charging in the Sioux Falls area. (Yeah, we know… it’s hard to believe how much they can charge to hold your computer captive for weeks)

Virus & Spyware Removal
Security & Performance
Wireless Networking
Computer Setup
Hard Drive Data Recovery
Flash Drive Data Recovery
Hardware Install
Computer Training
$80 / hour
$149 / hour