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My business has been using his computer-related services for at least the last four years. Jason is very prompt to respond to emergencies. He doesn't overcharge. He is trustworthy. He is very professional and his work has always been good...

-- Brian Radke
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Sioux Falls Computer Guy ServicesWe provide service in Sioux Falls, Harrisburg and Tea offering computer network installation and support, network security, technical support, internet solutions, back up file and transfer, recovery of lost or deleted files, hardware computer repair, software repair, computer hardware maintenance, virus removal, system tune-ups, computer repair, laptop repair, and upgrades.

Additionally, we offer laptop screen replacement service, connecting your computer to your home theater to enjoy movies, internet chat, and music with prices that are better and cheaper than the big chain stores in Sioux Falls.

Virus Removal

Viruses, spyware, malware and other malicious programs make your computer slow.  Not only do they take additional resources that bog down your entire machine, they can cause permanent damage to your computer and provide easy opportunities for identity thieves.

We provide virus removal service for a flat rate of $79 and can usually have your computer back to you, fully installed and working within 24 to 48 hours.

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Data Recovery & Deleted Files

If you have files that have been accidentally erased, we can help you get them back.  Even if your hard drive, memory card or flash drive has completely failed – we understand the importance of the information on your computer and we will do everything possible to try to retrieve your lost data.

We charge a flat fee of $79 for our data recovery services – and if we can’t get your data back, we don’t charge a dime.

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Custom PC Building

Do you need a computer that is completely specific to your needs rather than one that comes packaged in a box? (or worse yet, gets left on your doorstep while you are at work?)  We offer custom PC building solutions to meet your exact computing needs.  Whether you need a serious gaming & multimedia system or are just looking for a cost effective way to get a top-of-the-line system – we’ve got you covered.

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Wireless Setup & Security

We can take care of the connecting, installing and configuring of secure wireless networks.  An unprotected wireless network exposes your computer and anything else on your network to the potential of “malicious guests” that can steal sensitive data from your computer.

We’ll come out and set it up and make sure everything is working properly, all for a flat fee of $80.

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Software & Driver Re-installation

Many times, a complete system reload including reinstalling all software and drivers is the best way to make an older computer run like new again.  We take care of the installation of your software programs and system files to get your computer running like it should.  We charge a flat fee of $99 for this service.

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Desktop & Laptop Diagnostics

The first step to fixing a computer is properly diagnosign the problem.  We provide quick, onsite diagnosis of problems in order to ensure you don’t need to be without your computer for an extended period of time.

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Operating System Tune-up

From time to time the operating system on your PC may need to be tuned up.  This is caused by the day-to-day use of using programs, installing programs, removing programs, etc.  Over time unnecessary files begin to accumulate and gradually slow your system down.

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Internet Setup & Installation

Internet setup is something that most people don’t regularly do – which tends to make the entire process both stressful and time consuming.  We have setup countless computers over the years and we are able to do it both quickly and properly.

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Cleaning & Dusting

Computers usually don’t take very long to begin to accumulate dust.  Systems placed directly on the floor, in dusty / smoky rooms or that are not turned off regularly are most prone to dust infestation.

The accumulation of dust leads to the blockage of air flow that is necessary for the proper cooling of the system.  Once components begin getting too hot – they generally don’t work for very long.  We’ll take your system apart, clean it properly and have it put back together and running optimally – many times within 24 to 48 hours.

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Computer Training

We understand that becoming comfortable on a computer doesn’t happen overnight.  We have all been through the experience of learning and we understand how frustrating it can be with the influx of information.

We provide training on basic PC skills, digital photos, Windows usage, web browser basics, operation system software, tricks and techniques and more.  We charge an hourly rate of $70 per hour for our training services.

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Laptop Repair

There are several common issues that can easily happen to laptop computers.  Things like a cracked screen, broken keyboard or a broken DC jack can cripple a computer.

When you hire the Sioux Falls Computer Guy to take care of your laptop repair needs – you can prolong the life of your computer by making simple repairs rather than shelling out several hundred dollars for a new one.

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